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Home remodeling

Having a plan

by Robb Nimmo on 06/05/14

This blog post was inspired by a phone call I received today from a prospective customer.

 Customer: "How much would it cost for two bathroom remodels?"
Me: "Well that depends, not all bathrooms are alike and need individual attention.            I would have to come out and look"
Customer: "Its just a couple of walls that need tile and a tub."  I don't want                                  anyone to come out yet until i get the lowest bid."
Me: "I can't give you a bid over the phone.  It would not be fair to either you or       me to do a phone bid"
Customer: "Click"

 If you are planning to do a remodeling project, it is in your best interest to do as much homework as possible.  Having a plan will save you money and heartache in the long run and will insure your contractors are bidding apples for apples.  Your not expected to know every detail of the project but having a good understanding will be helpful.
  In order to have a plan, you must know whats important to you when deciding who your contractor is going to be.  Make a priority list.  Is it price, or are you looking for someone to help with design, or someone who can implement your design? Is reputation in the community important to you, can my contractor communicate well with me? All of these items are important and should be apart of your decision making.  
 Don't be afraid to give your contractor and idea of what you want to invest into your project.  It doesn't make sense to have unrealistic ideas  that won't fit into your budget.  It would be a waste of your time and your contractors time to design something that financially won't work.  Any reputable  contractor will do his best to implement your desires into the project and be honest in his pricing.  Be weary of a contractor who gives you a quote on site without a formal bid to back up his numbers.  You can be assured that a price given on site will be high to cover his butt on a verbal quote.  A contractor who spends the time to give you a formal proposal is a sign of a professional.
 So, to wrap this up, remember not to get impatient when embarking on your remodeling project.  Have a good idea as to what you want done, and be sure to get detailed estimates.  Picking the right Contractor can be the difference in having a great remodeling experience and a bad one.

Robb Nimmo
Robb Nimmo Builders, Inc

New and improved technics

by Robb Nimmo on 04/16/14

I've been working in the construction field now for over 30 years.  For the last 12 years my company has focused solely on home remodeling.  In my years of remodeling, the products we use on a regular basis are constantly being improved on and resulting in better finishes and durability.  The way we install and finish with these products area evolving as well.  With the introduction of new building products and innovative tradesman, our field is continually moving forward.

  We are currently working on a project that needed a lot of drywall patch work to the ceiling. We ran new lighting and removed an old 70's style drop ceiling where there were several electrical lines and plumbing lines that needed re locating. 
This ceiling had so many holes, it looked like swiss cheese when we finished up with the relocating process.
  Any good remodelers knows that a ceiling that has natural light cast on it will show every imperfection know to man.  The last thing you want is to have your customer who is proud to show off their new remodel to friends and family only to see a terrible drywall patch and texture job.  This was the motivation for this blog.
 I decided to try something different with this ceiling job.  We patched that drywall as we have done so on many other projects.  We finished taped the seams to hide all of the drywall joints.  Typically the next step would be to break out the drywall texture gun and apply the wall finish.  Rather then moving forward to the next step I decided to try something a little different.  We drill up 40 minute hot mud in a bucket to a very wet constancy.   We then took a paint roller with a 1" nap and rolled a thin layer of drywall compound over every inch of the ceiling.  As the compound started to dry, my team went over the ceiling with a 12" hand trowels to smooth over all surfaces.  Once the compound was dry we scrapped off any lines that may have been left over from the trowel work.  We then sprayed the ceiling with a medium sized splatter that was knocked down after it set up.  This ceiling came out perfect.  You can not find a single flaw in the finish.  With the success using this technique it has now become a standard for Robb Nimmo Builders, inc
 I was so delighted with the quality of this work a felt a need to share.
 "A sign of a good craftsman is one that keeps his mind open and always looking for new ideas to improve upon your service and quality".

Robb Nimmo Builders, inc

Selecting your contractor

by Robb Nimmo on 08/17/11

  Unfortunatly the home remodeling contracting business has a reputation for having shadey charactors working in this field.  Just about anyone you talk to will have a friend, family member or even themselves that have had a bad experience with a contractor.  I would like to give you guys a few tips on how to hire a contractor.

 First of all, make sure your contractor is actually a contractor.  There are many workers out there posing as contractors, some using the "Handyman" vail to advertise and work in the capacity of a contractor.  I'm sure many of you have seen trucks advertising a Handyman service.  The state law for working without a contractors license and acting in the capacity of a Handyman is; You may do work where the total cost for labor and materials do not exceed $500.  I see handymen advertising Kitchen and bathroom remodels all the time.  How many of you have ever seen a kitchen or bathroom remodel completed for under $500?  You can check any licensed contractor status by visiting There is something to be said about a person who has taken the time to study and become a licensed contractor.  Most are career construction workers who have excelled in their industry and are know becoming their own business owner. If you decide to hire someone who is not licensed, you will not have any recourse  for shotty or incomplete work, or if he decides to take your money and run.

   By hiring a licensed contractor you have already taken away some of the risk, but not all.  Make sure the contractors you are interviewing are capible of completeing the work you are asking him to do.  Just because their licensed doesn't mean their an expert in that particular field.  Check local references of the type of work your having done.  Make sure that your contractor gives you a detailed written estimate.  This estimate should include what your contractor will and will not include, what you will provide, square footage of work, what type of materials and a timeline for completion.  The more detailed the better.  This will keep change orders to a minimum and will work to make sure that you and your contractor are on the same page.

  Last but certainly not least, MONEY!  This is the most important one.  Make sure your contractor provides you with a payment scheduel that is based on the amount of work that has been completed.  keeping the scales balanced is the best way to keep a good working relationship with your contractor, and your contractor with you.  Once the scales tip one way or another it is not good for either side.  understanding that a good contractor is their to give you good customer service and quality, hoping to be refferd by you to help make his business grow. He also is make a living, and sometimes is responsible for others living as well.  Making sure invoices are paid promptly and a way to show your contractor that you appriciate what they are doing for you, a little pat on the back and a "Good job" also goes a long way.



Don't move, improve!!

by Robb Nimmo on 04/14/11

Many homeowners today are being tempted  by low housing costs to pick up and move to new homes.  It sounds exciting to be able to purchase a home that was worth $700K three years ago and sells for $400K today. In the long run is this the right way to go?  I'm looking at this from the homeowner's perspective that is in my age group, 40-50 years old and plans to retire around the age of 65 on a moderate retirement plan.
  First of all, the housing market is flooded with bank owned properties.  Now you have to try and sell your home in an already saturated market. Not to mention the realtor fees and other costs you will incur making your house "Sale ready".

   After months of open houses on every weekend, keeping the house tidy because on a whim your realtor wants to bring his client by at 7 PM on a school night, let's say you finally sell your house and clear $30k. I believe most people would use this $30k for a down or cover closing costs.  Now that your in your new house its time to make changes to make it yours, new flooring, paint, window coverings and repairs that were missed during your initial walk through.  These cost might add up to an additional $30k using all the profit from the sale of your home. This means at the age of 50, you will pay until you are 80 years old.
   Here's the alternative.  Remodel! Stay in surroundings that are very comfortable for you and your family.  A place where you have developed relationships in your neighborhood and community.  A home where many memories were made while raising your family, and not to mention you have a nice jump on paying off your mortgage. 
  You can remodel the interior or exterior of your home to meet your current needs and  future needs. As your life changes so do the needs for your home.  Our kids go off to college, grow up, get married and before you know it you have grandchildren.
   Remodeling your home is a very intimate and emotional experience and can be very rewarding.  Being involved in your remodeling project allows you to take ownership and pride in the  project and know that you worked side by side with your contractor and was more then just the person who signed the checks.
   These are some of the advantages for remodeling over selling.
Why move? because you can improve!.......and don't have to pack.

Robb Nimmo Builders, Inc
"Providing fine home remodeling to your most valued asset"

Friends Around a Kitchen

by Robb Nimmo on 04/14/11

In all service related businesses we encounter many unique types of customers, some good, and some not so good.  Like any good businessman or woman, we all do our best to manage expectations, and provide the best customer service we possibly can. 
  My business, Robb Nimmo Builders, Inc, specializes in  home remodeling in Temecula, Ca. including room additionskitchen & bathroom remodeling.  I've been in the remodeling industry for 28 years and have had the opportunity to meet many different people.  The reason for me writing this article is to share an experience I recently had on a kitchen remodel we just completed.

   The job was a  kitchen remodeling project.  We relocated the customers center island and moved it to the side to create an "L" shape counter with a bar over hang on two sides. We also removed the existing ceramic tile counter top and installed "Uba tuba" granite counter tops.  The existing laminate wood flooring was removed and replaced with 18" x 18" porcelain tile set on a 45 degree angle.  The living room and entry walkways were installed with new 6" wood flooring planks.  The project turned out awesome!!
   This remodeling project was pretty much designed solely by the homeowner, who we will call "Mary" and installed by Robb Nimmo Builders, Inc. We worked side by side for about 2 weeks making sure we met  "Mary's" expectations. "Mary" had an excellent eye for detail and knew exactly what she wanted to see done. She did a fantastic job communicating to us the things that were important to her. 
  "Mary" was a very special customer.  The reason why she was so special was  that she respected and appreciated all we did for her. The thank you's, and daily compliments made for one of the best customer experiences I've had in my 28 years in this business.  As we sit around "Mary's" new kitchen sipping coffee, not only did I gain a great customer, I gained a new friend.
  People have asked me why I love being a remodeling contractor. I say, "It's simple, the smile on the homeowners' faces after seeing what we have done with their home remodeling project, motivates us to be the best we can be."